The Intercity Motorway Project (M82), Bang Khun Thian – Ban Phaeo Section, is a part of the Bang Khun Thian – Pak Tho intercity motorway network, which has been initiated under Thailand’s Intercity Motorway Development Master Plan (2017-2036). Based on the development priority, this project has been included in the first 10 years construction plan (2017-2026), with a belief that it will serve as an efficient route in connecting Bangkok with its vicinity, including the southern region in the future.

The Department of Highways is currently responsible for construction of the project civil works, which has progressed steadily. And in order for the project to be readily available by 2027, on December 13, 2022, the Cabinet then resolved to approve for the Department of Highways to invite the private entities who possess knowledge, skills and expertise in infrastructure technologies and related systems, to take part in project management.

Thailand’s Intercity Motorway Development Master Plan (2017-2036)